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Tallahassee Sex Crimes Attorney

The Criminal Process

The criminal process begins the moment you are arrested for committing a sex crime. Upon your arrest you will be taken into police custody, where you’ll be fingerprinted and booked on criminal charges.  You will then remain in police custody until the judge sets bail or decides to release you on your recognizance.  If the judge sets bail, you will be allowed to leave as long as you post the bond amount.  In some situations, particularly those involving serious felony charges, the judge may not set bail, in which case you will remain in police custody until you’re scheduled to appear in court.


The arraignment is the first time you will appear in court before the judge.  At the arraignment, the judge will inform you of your rights, read the charges for the crime you’ve been accused of, and allow you to enter your plea of guilty, not guilty, or no contest.  If you enter a plea of not guilty, the judge will set your case for trial.  If you enter a plea of not guilty or no contest, your case end there and the judge will impose your sentence based on mandatory sentencing guidelines.

The Preliminary Hearing

The next stage of the criminal process is the preliminary hearing, unless you are charged with a misdemeanor sex crime (like prostitution) in which case the next step would be a pre-trial conference.  At the preliminary hearing the judge will review all evidence, witness testimony, and any other pertinent information to the case.  If the judge feels there is sufficient evidence to continue the case, your case will then move to trial.

Trial & Sentencing

If a plea bargain hasn’t been reached by the date of trial, the trial will proceed as scheduled.  At the trial, both your attorney and the prosecution will have a chance to make their arguments, present evidence, and examine and cross-examine witnesses.  Upon conclusion of the trial, the jury will deliberate and then announce whether you’ve been found guilty or not guilty.  If you are found not guilty, your charges will be dropped and you’ll be free to go on with your life.  However, if you are found guilty you will be taken into custody until a judge reads your sentence.

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