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Tallahassee Child Pornography Lawyer

Defense for Child Pornography Charges in Tallahassee

Allegations of child pornography are extremely serious, and need to be aggressively defended by an experienced defense attorney.  A child pornography conviction will not only compromise your rights and freedom, but it will also be highly damaging to your reputation as well.  You may find yourself fired from your job, ostracized by friends and neighbors, and denied other future opportunities.  To ensure you have the experienced and dedicated defense representation needed to fight these charges, it’s best to speak with a Tallahassee child pornography defense attorney at the law offices of Jansen and Davis, P.A. right away.

Child Pornography Laws & Penalties

Under Florida law, it is a crime to intentionally possess, produce, create, sell, trade, or distribute pornographic materials that depict a minor in a sexually suggestive manner.   This can include videos, photographs, magazines, digital files, film negatives, and more.  Child pornography charges will also be filed against someone who entices or coerces a child to engage in sexual acts or pose naked for the purposes of creating pornographic materials, even if the materials haven’t been shared, sold, or distributed yet.
If you have been charged with child pornography, finding aggressive representation you can depend on is crucial if you wish to avoid such penalties as long-term imprisonment, large fines, restitution, mandatory counseling, and lifetime registration as a sex offender.  Furthermore, child pornography charges are often filed in connection with other serious charges, such as child sexual abuse and child exploitation.  Multiple charges will only increase the severe penalties you can already expect to face for child pornography. 

Why You Need a Tallahassee Child Pornography Attorney

Involving a highly skilled Tallahassee child pornography defense lawyer as early in the criminal process as possible will significantly increase your chances of resolving your case successfully.  The sooner you contact an attorney, the sooner he can begin investigating your charges, talking to witness and credible experts, and gathering the evidence needed to put together a strong case.  At the law offices of Jansen and Davis, P.A., we have more than 12 years of criminal defense experience, and have helped clients overcome even the most serious of charges.   You can trust that we will work diligently on your behalf, and exhaust all possible resources to resolve your case in a way that doesn’t cause harm or damage to your rights, reputation, or future.

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